Men’s Human Rights Rally in Toronto

The rally in Toronto was a success. MHRAs from all across Canada and the United States gathered in support of compassion for the issues that men and boys face in our culture. Paul Elam of A Voice For Men flew in from Texas. Dean Esmay drove in from Michigan. Karen Straughan flew in from Alberta. Even Vladek Filler drove up from Virginia. 

Never before have I ever witnessed such support for the needs of men and boys.

It wasn’t all good however. There was some opposition to our rally. A small group calling themselves “Bash Back” showed up, with bull horns, shouting “Racist, sexist, anti-gay. MRA, go away”. All the while we had several members of the LGBT community involved in the rally, and CAFE’s own Adam McPhee works extensively as a social worker with the LGBT community, helping them with food, housing and mental health issues including helping many of them overcome suicidal thoughts.

I’ve pieced together a short film using footage captured from the rally.