Even Us Nerds Need Feminism

By Sammy Allouba  The following video is meant purely for satirical and comedic purposes. It is not to be taken seriously in that no one is actually saying they need feminism for these reasons. I made the video because I’m a joker at heart but also because I’ve seen some truly ridiculous “I need feminism because…” posters out there that make me my scratch my forehead. For example:

I find this incredibly stupid and offensive. What on earth is “stare rape”? To me, this is a huge slap in the face to the people who have been thrown to the ground, been beaten and bloodied, had their clothes ripped and torn from their bodies, insulted, spat on, and been either forcibly penetrated or made to penetrate. Y’know, actual rape, and not some silly, made-up feminist idea?


Imagine that, people actually making their own ideas and exercising free will over how to raise their own daughters. So oppressive, isn’t it?


For the record, you’ve always been able to do that. That’s why evolution gave humans a brain: so we can make our own decisions about what to do in life. Ironically enough, the above gentleman might disagree with that statement based on the sign that he’s holding.

I hope that provides some background on where I drew inspiration for this video. I’m a huge nerd so my choices came naturally to me. Enjoy!