On Elliot Rodgers and the resulting fallout

By Sammy Allouba

On Friday, May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger stabbed three people to death in his apartment and fatally shot and killed three people at the University of California. His victims were four men and two women. A lot of details have emerged since the mass-killing, and as one would expect, so have a lot theories and ideas about how and why it happened. They range from Rodger being mentally ill to him being a product of societal masculinity, born out of pure misogyny. I personally believe—like I do of all mass-killers, or, really, of anyone who commits a crime such as this—that his act of deviance is a product of a whole lot of shit that no one has looked into yet, and given that we need a scapegoat, an easy reason to figure out why this happened, the mainstream media is using the MRM as that scapegoat. Articles, which can be found in the lowbar to this post’s accompanying YouTube video, claim that Rodger was an MRA who subscribed to MRM channels on his YouTube account. This is relevant, they claim, because, according to them (being the brilliant genius journalists they are), the MRM promotes misogyny and breeds a hatred of women that is unprecedented. Of course, absolutely zero proof of this exists, as RazorBladeKandy2 has shown in his video analysis of the murders, but that does not matter one iota because, as we all know, feminists do not care about facts and evidence.

On the other side of things, people are claiming that Rodger was mentally unstable and acted upon his own violent urges given his high level of narcissism. I’m not a mental health expert of any sort, but I think it’s hard to argue against that point. Rodger was very clearly a nutcase beyond all nutcases who seriously needed help. I acknowledge that his parents sent him to professional help, but all I’m going to say is that it wasn’t enough, as far as I can tell. He needed something more than that, but what that is, I do not know.

As psychotic and crazy as I believe Rodger was, his actions were his own, and to blame any single influence is short-sighted. I cannot, and will not, deny that he was certainly a misogynist because he makes it very clear in his haunting manifesto that he rejected women because they rejected him. He felt entitled to love, a love he wasn’t getting from anyone, but from women in particular. Also, I think we cannot deny he was misandric, given that he slaughtered more men than women in his murderous bout, and he makes it very clear in his manifesto that he hated any guy who was able to get women because he felt so superior to them. Seriously, his ramblings sound like something out of a James Bond villain’s playbook. So which is it? Was he a misogynist? Was he a misandrist? Was he simply psychotic? Or is it any of the other usual questions, such as being able to access firearms too easily, or being abused as a child, and so on?

I am going to side with my inner Dude. In the film The Big Lebowski, while The Dude (played by Jeff Bridges) frantically explains to the wealthy Mr. Lebowski the reason why a planned ransom exchange did not occur, he blurts out, “New shit has come to light!” I believe we should follow the Dude’s lead and wait for new shit to come to light before we can really make informed decisions about Elliot Rodger’s actions. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, and you feel the need to speak out against the negativity the MRM is receiving in light of this tragedy—as bane666au asked us to do in his most recent video—I recommend offering, in a gentle manner (and I can’t stress that part enough), facts to the people you’re debating with. A lot of feminists are running with this story, along with the #YesAllWomen hashtag, claiming that it is indicative of the violence that all women experience on a daily basis and if they aren’t experiencing it, then they simply live in fear of it. When this happens, offer them statistics that show what we MRAs already know: men are the majority victims of violent crime, and women don’t have a real justification of living in fear, which is actually due to the never-ending hysteria about female domestic abuse or rape in society. To hear a feminist describe women’s experiences in society, you’d think a woman couldn’t set foot outside her own home, lest she be ravaged by six million men waiting  outside her door, tongues hanging out, drooling incessantly, mumbling, “WOOOOMMMMAAAAANNN!! MUST, FEEEEEED, MUST RAAAAAPE, PUUUUUSSSSSYYYYY, SOOOO GOOOOD!!!”

We can turn the tide, guys, and we will in time. But let’s not get wrapped up in the emotional tide that is flowing in light of Elliot Rodger’s criminal actions and allow ourselves to only add fuel to the anti-MRM fire. Let’s wait until new shit comes to light, and then make real decisions about how society can move forward from this tragedy.

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