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Caring About University Men: Why We Need Campus Men’s Centres In A Time Of Crisis

Presented by Dr. Miles Groth

Friday, September 27, 2013, 7:00PM

Sandford Fleming Building, Room 1101
10 King’s College Road
Located at the University of Toronto

Quoted from CAFE’s website

“This year about 35% of university students in developed countries will be male. If the statistically projected steep rate of decline continues, the last bachelor’s degree earned by a male will be awarded around 2025. Although that is not likely to happen, the situation for males on campuses everywhere is precarious, yet only a few faculty and administrators are responding to the reality. What is that reality? What is it like to be a young man 18-21 living and studying at university? How did matters come to be as they are? What is being done to care for young men in the current situation?

Dr. Miles Groth, editor of New Male Studies: An International Journal and founder of College and University Centers for Men will discuss why attention is being turned to young men at university and why they need our concern and care. Dr. Groth, an adviser for CAFE, is the author of Engaging College Men: Discovering What Works and numerous articles on the well-being of boys and men. He has addressed this topic in Australia, Canada and the States.”

Rally For Men And Boys In Crisis

Saturday September 28th starting at 11:00 AM

Queen’s Park in Toronto